Thursday 30 May 2013

What to do if you throw a ball in the center

What should you do if your ball comes back to the center.

This is the other side of the perspective that i talked about in the Triangle Theory Article.
What i believe is that you must always move in a way that allows you to rapidly come to the center, whenever you throw  a ball that comes back to the center you must run twice as fast and surpass your opponent and stay to his side so that if he makes a drop shot you can retrieve that ball.

Of course by doing so you will be at risk if your opponent makes a perfectly calculated drive, yet it is better to counter with a slow defencive boast than to give the point right away if your opponent makes a drop shot.

The idea is that you must be in the nearest place to the center.

Physically talking if your opponent is in the center you cannot go there, but you can come as close as you can to it if you go over your opponent to his side.

From that position you will have many more choices than to wait behind your opponent.
In fact the more you are stale on your feet the harder will be for you to move.

Instead from up in the court you will have a chance to forestall your opponent's shot (if he makes a drive), you will easily retrieve a drop shot and if your opponent makes a cross court you will actually gain an advantage.

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