Friday 17 May 2013

How To Make A Lob Video Tutorial

How to make a lob

What is a lob?

A lob is a slow and high shot that goes from that is typically done from the front area of the court and lands in the back corner.

It can be done both as a drive and as a cross court.

How do you make a lob?

To perform a lob you first have to make sure that your racket plate is facing upwards, then proceed to aim at the highest point on the front wall and make a feeble shot.

The lob is well known for the fact that if it is not retrieved with a volley it will typically score a point.

In fact you have to make sure that the ball reaches the far end of the back of the court and doesn't bounce from the back wall.

When Should I Make A Lob?

The lob is a funny shot, and it is also lethal is properly executed.
You should make a lob in two particular situations:

  1. When you are near the front wall and should make a drop shot, you can opt for a lob to mix things up
  2. When your opponent makes a drop shot and he is behind you, in order to avoid getting a stroke, you can make a lob. This will force your opponent on the back of the court.

Extra: Only for readers: Exercises for working on the lob.

Other than the lame exercises that you can do by yourself by making a boast and then making a lob, you can find a partner and do this amazing exercise:

Both players have to start from the T:
  • One player will make the lob (and therefore play in the front side of the court)
  • The other will make the volley

You can do this exercise and practise both a drive lob or a cross-court lob.
The player that does the volley will have a fun and hard time trying to catch your balls, he can do both a volley boast or a drop-shot (both on the same side of the court and in the opposite side of the court).

I suggest you try this exercise, it will be a lot of fun!

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