Sunday 12 May 2013

The Forehand Swing Learning Curve Video Tutorial

The Forehand Swing Technique In Squash

When I'm teaching a concept to someone, I'm not necessarily telling them the best advice I have. 
My rule is that I teach you what you can implement right now and then I will make sure that you learn the good stuff.

So, when I was talking about the swing I left the last stage of its development uncovered.

This last stage is the purpose of this article.

Just a quick recap if you haven't checked the other video:

  • To make a swing you must open, to open just position the racket in a way that let's you make a shot.
  • When you are good at hitting the ball and you want to make a stronger shot, just open by placing the racket higher (over the height of your shoulder).

When you consistently open the racket but put your arm extended, it is time to bend the elbow so that the racket is pointing toward you.

By doing so you will be able to retrieve the ball from the back wall, that is because you will reduce the space you need to make a shot.

Obviously you will extend the forearm when doing the swing.

So this is the new level of forehand swing technique. Here's the video!

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