Wednesday 15 May 2013

The Backhand Technique Evolution

Hey wassup!

When you start playing squash the first thing you want to understand is this simple formula:

  1. Open
  2. Step 
  3. Swing
The bachand swing can be pretty tricky when starting out.

Note that in order to make a drive you will have to face the side wall hence it can feel a bit strange because you are not watching the front wall directly.

An important factor is that you rotate the wrist so that the racket plate is facing upwards, i say to my student that when they open the backhand is like they are accellerating on a moped.

When starting out you can prepare the shot by simply closing the shoulder and make the swing by opening the arm-pit.

Instead to make a great backhand swing you must also bend your elbow.
A great way to understand how to make the backhand swing consists of hugghing yourself, then remove the arm without the racket and just let the swing go.

The greatness of this technique is that by reducing the space your racket occupies you will be able to retrieve the balls from the back wall in an easier way.

Train hard and have fun!

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