Friday 7 June 2013

Deception in the game of squash: Video tutorial on shots deception

4 Styles of deception in squash

Video tutorial

There are 4 techniques that I want to share with you:

  1. Vary the time in which you make the shot
  2. Alternate the "correct" and the "wrong" foot
  3. Use the wrist to change shot whilst making the same swing
  4. Move your body in a "wrong-tale" way

Deception in squash can be used in many different ways.
In the video I'm talking about five techniques you can implement right now.

How to learn deception in squash

-Vary the time at which you make the shot.

If you watch the ball closely you will realize that you tend to hit it in the same time, what I mean is that you are used to hit the ball at the same height, if you focus on changing this habit you can gain a tremendous advantage.

That's because if hit the ball as soon as it bounces you will put an enormous amount of pressure on your opponent.
Instead if you wait for the last second your opponent will have probably already reached the T and since he will have his feet totally on the ground, it will be harder for him to start moving at a rapid pace.

-Alternate the left and right foot

This is a really interesting tactic because changing your stance in this game can also change the kind of shots you can make.
By alternating the left and right foot when you make a shot you will give your opponent a hard time in trying to read you.
Remember that when you are in the front of the court you should use as many shots as you can such as:
-Cross Court
-Drop Shot
By making so you assure that your opponent won't expect the same shot ans therefore it will be hard for him to forestall you.

-Use the wrist to make different shots using the same swing.

This is big and very effective.
You can change the shot you are going to make by simply tweaking your wrist.
It is easier done than said.
By using the wrist you will be able to make three different shots whilst making the same swing.
-Drive -> Don't use the wrist
-Cross Court ->Use the wrist at the end
-Boast-> Rotate the wrist so that the racket is facing the side wall (i.e. it's head is pointing to you)

Combine the usage of the wrist with this other simple tactic and you are going to score much more points!
When the ball is near the front court, raise the racket like you are going to throw a strong shot and then make a drop shot.
This works pretty often because your opponent will react as if you are going to make a deep shot.

-Move your body so that it conveys that you are going to make a different shot than the one you make.

This works great if you are going to make a drive, you can rotate your shoulders toward the center of the court and your arm on the opposite direction so that it creates the illusion that you are making a cross-court when you actually make a drive.

Check this tactics in the video for more information!

End Note
This article is full of information that you may or may not know.
If you want to deepen the knowledge of your squash you can download our free e-book here

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