Thursday 27 June 2013

Using the "correct" and "wrong" step when playing - Squash footwork - Video tutorial

Squash Court Movement

Moving on court is a skill that must be developed constantly.

Yet, especially for new players there is a controversy: "Which foot should they put in front of the in order to make a correct shot?"
The answer depends on the level of the player.

Why a beginner must use the "correct" foot

The reason why I teach to always place the right foot in front of you when in the left side of the court and the opposite on the other side is that this way you are forced to rotate your body, this way, coherently with the comprehensive shot theory principle, you will make a drive which when you are a beginner is the most important skill to work on.

Now, when you are a skilled player you should simply stop caring about which foot to place. Especially when playing.

When playing you should not think about which foot are you using

What I mean is that when playing you will have already many other things to care about and the usage of your foot should be simply out of your conscious thoughts.

This is why I suggest you to train in order to be able to play all the shots with the same accuracy using both foot in front of you.

Learning to switch foots will help you for the following reasons:

  • You can use both feet
  • You can move faster by using the "wrong" foot
  • You can deceive your opponent
  • You are prepared for unusual situations
  • You can simply stop caring about which foot you use

Actionable exercises to work on your footwork

Make exercises in which you use both feet, for example you can make long drives that reach the backwall and at every shot you can change foot so that you are hitting one drive while having the left foot as your front foot and then switching and having the right foot as your front foot.

Otherwise you can simply make a series of shots in which you using the "correct" foot and another series with the "wrong" one.

Squash Footwork Video Tutorial

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