Wednesday 17 July 2013

Let & Stroke - Simple definition and distinctions - Squash Rules - Video tutorial

Let & Stroke

Squash rules

Squash have few simple rules.
Let and stroke and the distinction between them is probably the most important.
I made three videos: A simple quickstart and two in depth on both Let and Stroke.

The Distinction between Let and Stroke

Here's a simple distinction that will help you better understand these two concepts:
Let is about restarting the rally because your opponent didn't Let you go for the ball or some interruption occurred.

Stroke has to do with impeding the shot, your opponent didn't allow you to make you shot by staying inside of your swing (which is a risky thing to do) or by placing himself inside of your ball's trajectory.

Watch the video to better understand these concepts

Video Tutorial

Extra: Bonus video. When Strokes look like Lets, when Lets look like No Let and when No Let looks like Let

As you've seen from this video is not always easy to decide, the purpose of the following articles will be to make it easy for you to understand the subtle differences

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