Monday 5 August 2013

Keeping the distance from the ball

Keeping your distance from the ball.

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Staying away from the ball in squash is a crucial skill that you need to develop

The benefits are:
  1. You will move less
  2. You will hit the ball more powerfully
  3. You will have more control of the ball

By having your arm extended you will have more power and control and you will move less.
By moving less you will reach the ball faster and this will provide you two benefits: 
  • You will put more pressure on your opponent and you will be able to forestall more shots 
  • You will be able to stay in the center more often and more easily, stacking a great advantage on your side.

How do you learn the proper distance from the ball?

It comes with conscious practice.
First of all you need to learn the proper impact point which is just a little under the highest point of the racket.
You can actually feel a good ball from a bad ball by feeling the bounce that it does on the racket plate.

In order for you to learn the distance from the ball in squash you first have to train by standing still near the front wall. When you do so, try to stay as far away as possible from the ball, don't move closer to it, instead try to extend yourself. 

After you get an idea of the distance from the ball, try to increase it.
One of the best exercise to help you keep the distance from the ball consists of making drives and systematically doing a bad shot near the center so that you have to move in order to keep the proper distance,  you can do this both by yourself or with a coach.

You can reach the second level of this skill by practicing drives in the back of the court, every time you make a shot, make sure to touch the T line so that you are sure that you are away from the corner, then try to move as less as possible and maintain the ball in the back corner.

The third level of knowing the distance from the ball requires that you learn court movement.
When you'll learn court movement you will not only move less and more effectively, you will also hit better shots and generally be more effective on court.

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