Wednesday 21 August 2013

Top mistakes in the game of squash

The mistakes of the game of squash - positive or negative?

In this post I'm going to share what I believe are the most common mistakes in squash, I think some of them are positive and you should try to make them as much as you can, other instead are just plain wrong and you should avoid them.

Top mistakes you should be making when playing squash.

1)Forestalling too much-being unprecise

In order the learn your own rhythm when playing squash, and to further enhance your skills you have to put yourself under increasing amounts of pressure.
The most consistent way to do so consists of trying to forestall as much shots as you can.
There are two ways in which you can increase the speed of the rally:     
  1. by hitting the ball sooner in respect of the time you are used to, you can try to hit the ball as soon as it bounces. 
  2. by doing as many volleys as you can, you can make a volley by simply making a step toward the ball. Make sure that you racket is ready!

2)Failing the drop shot

You should be consistently relying on the drop shot to score.
Whenever you try to make a drop shot and fail, pat yourself on the back and remember that you are working on your most important skill.

3)Not moving enough.

Whenever you are in an uncomfortable position, due to the fact that you are not moving enough, realize that you are doing the right thing, you just need more time to build the skill.

Top mistakes you should avoid.

1)Using the cross court too much  

The cross court can be very effective when playing against club players, however top players will instantly capitalize against that shot because it "opens" the court to them.

2)Not trying to close the point      

On one side it is really important that you constantly use the drive to build your game, on the other hand if you don't try to score you will not nourish your killer instinct and your natches will become dry and without passion.

3)Getting strokes

Your shots should be developed to the point in which you don't get any stroke against you.
Anything less than that is simply unacceptable.

4)Running too much.

If you are a fit club player you are probably winning many matches due to the fact that you outrun your opponent and by doing so you don't win because you play better technically, but because your opponent runs out of fuel.
Eventually you will find someone as fit as you with better racket skills and he will demolish you.
Try instead to learn proper court movement so that you move effectively, this will not only give you more stamina, it will make you a better tactical player.

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