Wednesday 28 August 2013

The Let an in-depth look - Squash Rules

The Let

Whenever there is an obstruction to you reaching the ball, whenever your opponent doesn't let you reach the ball that you would have otherwise gotten, a Let is decided and the rally will be Re-done with the previous score and the previous positions.

Therefore a Let is assigned if your opponent doesn't allow you to reach the ball when it is your turn to do so, that's probably cause he will be inside of your movement trajectory.

Fine Distinction

If you move toward a direction, then move toward the actual direction of the ball but get obstructed by your opponent and don't reach the ball, you will not receive a let.
For a Let to be assigned you must have chosen the right direction toward the ball in the first place.
I.E. if you don't move for the ball in a proper way, you will not receive a Let, even if your opponent is in your way.

What I mean is that you must know where the ball is going and move properly, also you must realistically be able to reach the ball.

Other situation in which a Let is Assigned:

  • If you by making a boast that would reach the front wall, hit your opponent with the ball.
  • If the ball bounces off the back wall and you stop to avoid hitting your opponent (there's a finer distinction here that will require a post of its own)
  • If your opponents grab you, he will also receive a warning
  • If the ball breaks
  • If a potentially dangerous situation occurs such as when your opponent is close to you and you are not sure exactly where he is.
  • If your opponent is near but not inside your swing (if he would be inside that would be a stroke)

So those are the distinctions, any doubts? Comments? Please share them with me :)
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