Friday 19 April 2013

The Triangle Theory of Squash.

Introduction: What is the Triangle Theory

The triangle theory is an advanced tactic that allows you to know where to place your shot when a certain event happens.

As i mentioned in my article about the drive and the article about tactics i told you that you must use the drive to bring your opponent in the back  corner and keep him there until he makes a mistake and you can close the deal with a drop shot. This is the most consistent tactic in squash which i call the long/short alternation.

When to use the triangle theory

When your opponent throw a ball that comes in the center since you know that your movement pattern requires you to stay in the center you will take all the space you need and by doing so your opponent will be forced to stay behind you.

  • Therefore the best shot you have to make is the drop shot or a drive that is better than the one made by your opponent.

The triangle is defined by the side wall and the opponent's  ball trajectory
The triangle is defined by the side wall and the opponent's ball's trajectory

The triangle is big therefore... (next picture)
If the ball goes like this

... You have to throw the ball inside that triangle to score a point
Then throw the ball inside the Yellow Triangle

The Structure Behind The Triangle Theory

Geometrically talking you must throw the ball inside the triangle created by the side wall and the ball your opponent's throw. If you hit the ball inside that triangle you will be in advantage because your shot will be more accurate than your opponent's and it will make him run and allow you to control the center.

When you make a drop shot inside "the triangle" you will almost 99% score a point.

That's because since you are in control of the center your opponent will have to run around you to hit the ball and the time he will loose will eventually make him miss the shot.

This is a great habit for me because if i don't capitalise on this kind of situation i tend to make rallies last too much and it is useless.
I hope this boost your game and send me a message if you like this concept! Cya on Court.

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