Thursday 11 April 2013

Squash Tips Video #7 The Comprehensive Theory Of Squash's Shots

In the past months I've been publishing videos about how to make different shots.
I want to define the underlying principles behind every shot in squash

  • The swing is always the same
  • Preparation of the shot makes it easier
  • The position of your body determines which shot you will make
This last concept is so important i want to explain it in depth.

Since we make a stereotyped swing that goes from up to down and we hit the ball in the same place relatively to us, the only definying factor for where the ball will go is how we orient our body.

  • If we face the side wall we will make a drive.
  • If we face the front corner we will make a cross-court
  • if we face the back corner we will make a boast.
Therefore you now can undestand how to forestall your opponent's shots by simply watching him play.
In the video there is also a great exercise called the 4 corners.

Have fun!

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