Friday 26 April 2013

How to make the Serve Video Tutorial

The serve in Squash

Introduction to the serve

The serve is the first shot in the rally.
Therefore it has a critical meaning because it's the only shot which you have complete control over.

Working on the Serve

To improve in your serve i suggest the following:
  • Work every time for just 5 minutes on the serve
  • Always look at your opponent when doing the serve so that you can choose how to serve
  • Mix up the styles so that you are unpredictable

Two Kinds Of Serve

There are two kinds of serve: 
  1. The Lob
  2. The Smash

To make a lob you must aim at the highest point in the front wall and make a feeble shot.
To make a smash instead simply aim low over the middle line and throw a strong shot.

Different Situations, Different Services

I suggest that you always think about the serve before doing it.
Try to picture in your head where you want the ball to go and what you want your opponent to do.

There are three main positions in which your opponent will probably be:
  1. Near the center
  2. Near the side wall
  3. Near the back corner
Based on the position of your opponent you must place the correct shots.
  1. When he is near the center i'd always try for a fast body shot and if he asks for the let i'd go for a lob
  2. When he is near the side wall i'd always go for a strong shot on the side wall that comes to the center
  3. When he is near the back corner i'd make a lob that touches the side wall at the last second and goes in the corner.
I hope i provide with good content and that you are going to train hard! Have Fun!

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