Saturday 6 April 2013

How to make a boast Video tutorial

How to make a boast.

The boast is a shot that bounces on one side wall before reaching the front wall.

There are two tipes of boast: normal and reverse.

The reverse boast is a typically useless shot because it leaves space for your opponent to attack you, but if done at the proper time can work magic. To make a reverse boast means to throw the ball on the opposite's side of the court side wall and make it so that the ball reaches the front wall.

The boast can be done by simply orienting your body so that you are directly facing the back corner.
The ball will bounce on the side wall and then reach the front wall.

If the angle of the shot is too large the ball won't reach the front wall.
Instead if the angle is too thin the ball will bounce on the third side wall and that will make the ball come to the center and that is not good. always aim for the front corner when making a boast.

You can do both a high and a low boast. The purpose of the first is tipically for defense when you need time to recover to the T. The low bost can be tryed when late to make a drive, but tipically it's best done if you are in advantage to break the rhythm risulting in him getting surprised and you scoring.

The attack boast is better to be done once in a while to make it unespected and score a point.
Instead the defensive boast should be your last resort shot

The boast comes naturally when the ball surpass you. As a general rule use it only in that case.

When doing the boast to attack, make sure you are in the proper position (the ball must be nearer to the back wall than you) and use as much strenght as possible while lowering the plate of the racket.

Instead if you need time to recover to the T do a slow high boast by rotating the plate so that it is facing upwards, this boast generally gives a huge advantage to your opponent but if you manage to come back to the T it is worth trying.

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