Monday 22 April 2013

How to make a Drop Shot Video Tutorial

The Drop Shot

Is the shot that scores the most points, both for you and your opponent.

This shot is crucial because failure to use it in the right moment (explained next) will result in you not taking advantage of your opponent's mistakes and therefore reduce the chances of you scoring a point.

Basic Tactics with the drop shot

Applying the long-short shot alternation tactic you should make a drop every time your opponent fails to make a drive that is good enought that forces you to move to the corner. (i.e if you hit the ball while standing in the T probably the best shot you can make is a drop shot.)

Of course you can make drop shots every time but it is harder to make it when the ball is in the back and it is easier when the ball is near the front wall.

As a general rule you should never counter a drop with another drop unless you are absolutely sure to score the point because the position you will be in will make it really hard for you to recover to the T.

Make it a habit to use the drop when near the front wall, there are a lot of players that because they are afraid to miss the shot they don't do it.
Instead just do it and learn to do it by practicing. Exposure to failure will make you grow faster.

Try to always mix the sequence of your shots so that your game is not obvious.

Characteristics of a great drop shot

To make a drop simply:

  • Open by placing the racket up so that you are ready to make the shot, 
  • the drop is done by gently hitting the ball while mantaining a firm grip 
  • with the plate facing upwards
  • aiming as low as possible and close to the corner (not in the corner). 
  • The best drop shot goes just above the Tin and then bounces in the nick never to be retrieved again.

Two great exercises to do right now

You can practice the drop shot alone by implementing in your practice this two exercises.


  • Make the best drop you can and then try to retrieve it by extending yourself bouncing the ball very high so that you can easily start again by making another drop shot.


  • Go in the opposite back corner in respect to the side where you want to make the drop
  • Make a Boast and move to the front corner, then make a drop. 
  • Try to retrieve the ball.
  • Go back again in the corner and repeat.

To come back to the corner try to make some volley while walking back.
You can then choose to play the next combo: Boast/Drop in the same corner or in the opposite.

This exercise is more effective but it requires more time.

Train Hard and Have Fun!

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