Friday 28 December 2012

Squash Tips - The Volley

The volley is the one shot that separates you from a novice player, you have to train this shot so much that you can make it in every occasion.

Wherever the ball surpass you in this game and you couldn't make a volley, probably your the one in defense.

I see a lot of player ''training'' only in deep drive shot of the back wall (most of them without bending their knees). When i took my squash to another level gaming i realized that i was good  on the drive, but i couldn't make a volley.When you know how to make a drive you should switch as soon as possible to train in the volley, the straightness of the shot will follow.

When hitting a volley you have to hit the ball when it's over your shoulder, of course you can hit it at a lower height but you're probably been to slow.
The volley is about high paced shots and controlling the T. When you'll start making it you'll see that you'll make points even with mediocre quality shot.
To improve the volley start simple, go toward the wall and start making simple volley even with the racket down. Babystep this exercise by making a step back everytime you make 50 volleys in a row.

The Volley is about high paced rallies and taking control of the T.

I'm sure this will give you months of training in court and you'll improve your squash greatly. To spice this exercise up i recommend you to do the ''butterfly'' drill in which you stay in the T and make volleys alternating the right and left corner in a way that gets you the ball in the center.
If you're very good you can switch this exercise to drive volleys and move both toward the back wall and toward the front wall, then return to the butterfly drill.
You'll inevitably feel pain in your arm. If it happens slow down and change exercise (maybe some drive off the back wall).

An exercise you can do in two consist of playing a forehand drive drill and occasionally making a volley by extending from the T, in the exercise don't move before your opponent makes the shot because that's cheating and your learning curve will get worsen.

If you'll stick to these routines you'll get such an improvement you won't recognize yourself one year from now.
So....Improve your squash, Start today! 50 Volleys -> One step back. Go! HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAR!

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