Sunday 9 December 2012

Squash Tips - THE SHOTS OF SQUASH Part 2 : Drop shot, Lob and Volley

The Drop

The drop is the one shot that will make almost every point in the game, both for you and for your opponent.
This shot backfires a lot and you'll find that whenever you're not confident on what you are doing your accuracy will decrease. But implementing this shot in your game is a key step to improving.

The drop shot is the second component to an aggresive-style game, the drive being the first part.

When should you make a drop shot? Everytime your opponent has to run to get the ball.
If you haven't checked out yet you should read the tactics post.

You'll notice that everytime you are leading the rally in squash you're the one that's closer to the front wall( generally on the T).

So when you find yourself leading and your opponent gives you a easy shot, make a drop-shot, so that he has to run for the ball.

Now let's clear two important concepts:
1)Don't worry about scoring points . 2)Use the drop to mix things up.

The reason you play the drop-shot is to make your opponent run and by doing so increasing the chances he will be tired and he will make more mistakes.
The frame of mind from wich you should come from is that the more he runs the more you will walk, don't focus on making points cause this will lead you to throw th ball under the tin. Focus on making calculated tactical shot that forces your opponent to ''obey to your will''.

A good thing is always to keep the game full of ''variation''shots so that you're not predictable.

The Lob

Using the Lob means adding class to a rough game

This one shot is extremely funny to do but also very hard.
This can be used in a rotation of shots when you're always in front of the court mixing the shots with drop/lob/cross court or reverse boast (if you like them)

The best lob you can play should be on your serve but you can use it whenever you find yourself in advantage.It is better to use this shot when you're nerar the front wall so that it provides the time to come back to the T and it is also a fruitful shot.

Generally speaking the only time you shouldn't do this shot is when you're on the back wall. That' because if you do it you give an almost always easy killer shot top your opponent.
Use the lob as much as you can and remember to do a good lob you need to throw a weak ball near the upper line of the front wall. Key concept: Weak shot. High shot. 

The Volley

The difference beetwen a novice and an intermediate is generally the consistancy of the volleys. You should make as many volleys as you can, mostly making Drive or Cross court or drop shots.

Avoid using the volley when you're near the back wall becaue you speed things up when you should slow them down.

Remember volley is an attacking shot, it forces the rhythm of the game to be faster and this is important mostly because it will give you the chance to lead the game.
The progress that you make on the volley are the general progress you make in the entire game of squash because if you can make a volley it means you have a good racket ability!

A basic basic exercise that it's so good for improving consists of simply making volleys, as easy as you are able to do them in series of 50 shot per group. Everytime you can make 50 shot make the exercise a bit harder by throwing the ball faster or by straying farther away from the front wall. This is applying babystepping to the volley. I have written an article about learning you should check it out

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