Saturday 22 December 2012


It's all about the plate

The shot has many particularities, the most important thing is the plate which must be ''positive'' otherwise the ball will go down.
If the racket plate is not watching upwards the ball will inevitably bounce on the floor.

In fact every aspect of the movement , preparation and swing of the squash's shot has to do with having a positive plate.
To do so: When preparing a shot rotate the wrist in order to have a positive racket-plate. More on Opening on this article.

Learning the correct swing

The perfect racket swing for the forehand is as simple as closing  your arm-pit while having your arm extended.
The one for the back-hand requires you to open your arm pit while extending your arm.

To Understand the perfect swing you need to do it slowly, even without a racket. Set your arm on the imaginary impact-point with the ball, then take your arm up to ''Open'' (i.e. Prepare) the shot, then extend your arm while closing/opening the armpit (close it for a forehand and open it for the backhand) and try to make your swing without feeling resistances into your elbow/arm, you need to use your proprioceptive senses, when you feel your swing to have no resistances you have achieved a good swing, then try to use the same racket-shot with the ball.

As in many field of life, Less is better

Managing your momentum

The other key component of the shot is managing your momentum, you need to spread your legs to create a big base for the shot so that your balance is great and you can put all your power into your shot.

To do so, learn the habit of moving properly on court. Long story short, your final step toward the ball should be with the left leg on the right side of the court, and with the right leg on the left side of the court.
The ''side-step'' shouldn't be straight toward the side wall, but more diagonal in order to create a good base, try this: make the final ''side-step'' toward the ball and see if you can maintain your balance, if you can't your doing it wrong. I push my junior-athletes to see if they have a decent base.

When running to the ball i ''kick'' my leg in a way that make my talon land first and then your toes, this way you have a perfect base for your shot.
Try to always make the shot after having ''landed'' your feet.

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