Wednesday 12 December 2012


Practice is key

Practice is key. key key. The only way you can improve in squash is by training. But that's not enough.
You have to practice on your weakness in order to improve in the best way possible. The funny thing is that We prefer doing what's easy to us

We like to keep on moving, to say that we like to focus on activity but we tend to prefer those in which we are already specialized, both because the law of investment (the more you do something the more you'll like it) and also because if we can do something with a good result, it's a nice boost of self love for our self image. Even in little things like training the self image can slow your improvement, that's because you'll tend to do the things in which you are already good just to avoid making mistakes (which are the true foundation for improving)

So The best approach would be to do the things you need and surround them with the things you like, for example let's say you need to improve your drop-shot and decide to train alone, the best exercise that would force you to move would be to make a boast and then run to the front wall to make the drop-shot. Of course after 5 minutes the ball will become cold and you'll be annoyed. But what if everytime you make the drop-shot you try to recover the ball and start making increasingly longer volley so that you can go to the back wall, keeping the ball warm, exercising on another maybe for you funnier skill (i love to volley), and being able to train for a straight half hour without any pause. WHAT ABOUT THAT?

The 80-20 rule tells us that the 20 most important percentage of things we do does the 80% of the work for us. So instead of playing for two hours without thinking, just train yourself for 20 minutes and focus on your weakest skill, you'll get amazing results.

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