Wednesday 2 January 2013

Squash Tips - Retrieve the ball from the backwall

After you know how to hit the squash ball and eventually make the shots , Drive, cross-court, and Boast you'll want to recover the ball from the back wall.
This is a great challenge for it proves that if you have a good technique you'll learn fast and if not you'll have to work harder.

The following squash qualities outlined here will make it easy to learn:

  • Always keep your feet on the ground when making a shot. 
  • Extend the arm. 
  • Have a positive plate.

To understand how to recover a ball from the back wall, do this: Try to extend your arm with the racket and touch the side wall then look at your feet. 
Don't walk over there!

To recover the ball from the corner you have to wait for it to bounce back from the back wall and then make your step toward the ball. In squash this tactic will pay, because you save energy.

To begin training in retrieving balls from the back wall place your racket against the wall with a positive plate and just hit the ball. (You can hand feed or find someone)
This is easy, now let's make it harder. Place yourself near the back wall and with your torso facing the side wall, try to catch the ball by making the final step and bending your knees.

This exercise is faster if done in two , but you can learn it solo as well , by following these instruction:

  • Standing near the back wall, with your rear feet (right on the right side and left on the left side) on the T line, throw yourself the ball against the back wall.
  • Wait for the ball to bounce against it and then make your step toward it while bending your knees and stretching yourself as much as you can.
  • Hit the ball when it is in the height possible (the lower, the farther from the back wall).

When training on this squash skill there are two different aspects to work on:

The more you move centrally relative to the side walls the faster you'll get to the T.
And if you bend and extend in a good way you'll make great shots.
You should be focusing on this skill as soon as possible to enhance your squash, and when you master this you'll be ready for intermediate routines!
As with all this is a matter of time. Just practice.
You can check the video tutorial to further understand

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