Thursday 17 January 2013

Squash Tips - How to make a great shot in squash: The 3 Step Formula


When starting out in squash we have so many things we have to think about that it can become really messy.
To stop getting confused you can apply this simple 3 step formula. I make it Yell it to my students when they make these action so that they remember it easily.

The 3 Steps: Open, Step, Swing.


When making a shot, you always must Open before moving so that you're ready to hit the ball whenever you need to. Implementing this habit will give you the chance to forestall the shot you now usually miss.

After your racket is ready to make a shot, you can move.

2) Step

When starting out the only thing that matter is that you make your last step in a way that lets you make a drive.

To do so, simply make the last step with your left foot when on the right side of the court, and use the right foot on the left side of the court.

When "landing" the feet make sure to make your talon gets to the ground before the sole this way you create a great base for you to make the shot.

When making the last step you always have to make sure that you have your feet completely landed on the ground before making a swing.


When you have your feet on the ground, you can easily make the swing. The best swing is the simplest, just extend the arm in front of you and use the shoulder to move it.

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