Saturday 7 December 2013

The advanced court movement

A new definition of court movement

As i defined it before court movement is the skill of reaching the ball in a way that allows you to reach the ball and make a drive.

However for advanced players making a drive is not an issue, therefore their kind of court movement is going to be based on the idea of moving as efficiently as possible in a manner that increase your advantage, giving you the most powerful offensive options.

The way an advanced player moves on court is straightforward, they just move toward the ball in a straight line.

Then how come did i told you about moving as a horse piece in chess and to use the proper foot? 
The fact is that advanced court movement is way harder than it sounds, first of all you need to have the habit of coming into the T without having your feet stale, second it requires that you are accurate on your shots ad comfortable with using both feet and last but more importantly it requires you to have complete control of your torso for your shots.

As you may know we have a defined impact point for forehand and backhandi told you that by rotating your body you can change the shots you make, the fact is that you can do it also by simply rotating your torso ad using your wrist.

By changing the inclination of your wrist you are going to change the inclination of the racket plate at the moment of impact with the ball, instead by rotating your torso you'll actively move your impact point.

As you can see when you have this kind of racket skills it is fairly simple to move however you please and still be accurate.

An exercise to master the control of your torso

Here's a step you can take right now to rapidly be able to implement this information:
practice alone by staying near the front wall to rotate your torso to make different shots, you should be able to perform a drive, cross court and boast with your feet pointing at any direction, just by rotating your torso.

An advanced exercise consists of doing the number 8 which i call the butterfly, this is a famous exercise that can be done both with volley or by letting the ball bounce on the floor and consists of staying in the center of the court throwing the ball alternatingly in both front corners.

You can do this exercise to work on the volley, your accuracy and speed of preparation of the shot. However if you wish to learn how to rotate your torso you must do it without making a single step.

Once you become able to control your torso, wrist and to move in a straight line you will start to feel how and when to make some feign shots and it will be time for you to learn the secrets of deception.

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