Monday 28 October 2013

The backhand technique, for beginners and advanced players. + most common mistakes.

The backhand technique

The backhand is performed by closing both shoulder and forearm to prepare it and by opening the shoulder and using the forearm to make the swing.

A simplified way to make a backhand consists of simply using the shoulder while keeping the arm extended.

To make a proper backhand you'll first of all learn to add the forearm rotation and then you'll prepare the shot by closing the shoulder and the forearm, as if you were hugging yourself, and to make the shot you'll have to also learn how to extend your forearm when making the shot.

Watch the video to better understand the backhand technique.

One more common mistake on the backhand

In the video i talk about using the wrist improperly and overextending your forearm as the most common mistakes players make.

Another common mistake consists of cutting the ball which is caused by the fact that you make the swing by only releasing the forearm in an oblique manner which causes you to cut the ball instead of pushing it.

To change this error you just need to tweak your shot by making sure that your forearm makes the racket head go downward as if you were drawing a semi-circle with the racket head.
If you have this kind of problem try to watch the video again and move as i move.

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