Monday 12 November 2012


How to hold your squash raquet with ease!

Hold the raquet forming a ''v'' with the index and thumb in a way that the index is situated in the highest position.
Settle the raquet on your palm. It's Not necessary to hold the raquest with effort, what really important is that the way you Rotate your wrist Directly influences the angle of your raquet-Plate. 
There should be space beetwen you index and middle finger this is because Index and thumb are the fingers that gives you the real control, the other three fingers are there to support those two.

The inclination of the plate

The inclination of your Squash raquet is directly influential to the depth of the ball you're going to shoot.
The easiest way to make a good shot Is not by using your strenght, just rotate the raquet-plate so that it is pointing upwards, this way the ball will go deep in the court very easily.

Easy exercise

Open your palm so that it is in front of you, put the raquet into the palm so that it is pointing up, close the thumb and the index so that the index is separated from the middle/ring/little finger wich are tied togheter.
You should be able to hit the ball holding the raquet just with the thumb/index combo. the other three fingers should just give you more grip.

Another Great exercise to improve your grip consist of making a series of drive to the back while and after every shot change the grip to a shorter one, then after another shot, go back to your usual grip.
This will make you realize in a practical way how to hold the raquet in different occasion.

To further develop the concept you can read my latest article on the grip

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