Sunday 18 November 2012


Real learning is behavioural change.

Never get angry because everything is a new experience and you should find positive things to learn from it.
You're not the teacher so you should not think you know everything. also teacher shouldn't.

Listen to all but focus on what resonates with yourself.
You can change 3 habits at a time.
But in the game of squash it's always better to micromanage one at a time so that it progress in a more fluent way and then you can focus on something else.

Baby stepping in the game of squash. 
Every skill-set in the game has a infinite quantity of sub-skill that of course you can improve in.
You just have to be very deeply honest with yourself and train for a long period of time.
Don't think it's all about running. 
If you are a runner and you master the movement in this game (you can train for 30/45min in ghosting every time to greatly improve quickly) you should train on your racket skill full time. 
Of course you'll have to improve in every aspect of the game otherwise it will stale and you'll fail but you also have to focus on the most important things. 
follow these three steps:

  1. Set goals
  2. Try to achieve them
  3. Use the feedback to set harder goals.

For example you might couldn't even be able to play a straight shot. 
To babystep this so that you improve fast you just have to:
1)start playing against a wall and just hit the ball randomly and try to control it. 
2) start taking you wrist up
3) start being on the side while hitting the ball (remember the front straight it's just matter of shoulder movement and extending your arm)
4)take the left feet in the front.

in order to get to step 4 you should be hitting something like one thousand shots. This will give you reference experience to improve the exercise so that you'll go along in your skill set. this will surely provide a lot of training for many many session.

In the end the key concept is : try to understand what you can and practice as much as possible, the rest will shortly follow!

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