Monday 12 November 2012


The three major key points to bring your squash shot capacity to a new level


1)Keep your feet on the ground!

One of the major things you should be looking for when hitting the ball is to have your feet spread so that you gain a huge base for you to have stability.

Look at how you move to the ball. Do you hit the ball with your feet on the ground or do you tend to raise one of them? 

If you have troubles hitting balls near the back wall you should focus on this.
Having your feet to the ground gives you the chance to bend your knees in the correct way so that you can pick any ball from the back wall.
If you have your feet widespread you can put you weight onto your front foot so that you have more power when you hit the ball.

2)Extend yourself

As you learned in physics the more the distance from the fulcrum, the more the strenght. 
This is doubly important in squash. Because if you stay far from the ball, You get both more power and you have to move less, wich not only reduce the energy waste wich is very important throughout the game but also gets you to keep control of the T.
You should practice extending everytime you can so, you should also realize that the more you stay on the T the easier and slower the game becomes.
A good exercise to practice this consist in starting from the T, and go to the side wall trying to touch the wall with the raquet in just 2 steps.

3)The raquet goes from up to down

You have to make sure you always open and that your raquet head starts by point up and in the impact point (when you hit the ball) it should point as your belly button (i.e. completely in front of you). This does not mean you have to hit the ball in front of your belly button (even tho it's the impact point of the forehand shot)

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