Tuesday 5 March 2013

Squash Tips Video #5 The volley. How to make a great volley and train it consistently

The importance of the volley

The volley is the most important shot in squash that is because provinding you move correctly and your accuracy is good, the timing of your shot is the most important factor to win a match.

As a general rule you should be using the volley as much as possible especially to obtain and mantain control of the center.

A great thing when using the volley is that if you are much faster than your opponent you won't even need too much accuracy to score a point, obviously you should focus on precision more than on strenght.

How to make a volley

To make a volley you simply must follow the principle of how to make a good swing and change the impact point up in front of your face.

The swing must be fluid so focus on using the shoulder while mantaining the arm extended.

Try to always hit the ball when it is at should height even if it is okay to hit it in a lower position.

When making the volly you should be extending as much as possible and remember to face the side wall (if you are making a drive)

When to do the volley

You should be using the volley as much as possible, that is becaue it requires less effort and most of the time provides better results.

Where on court

As a general rule it is useless to make a volley when you are near the backwall, that is because the ball will bounce out of it. Anyway you should use the volley everytime you feel comfortable to make it.

How to train the volley

Start by simply facing the front wall and start bouncing the ball, have your arm relaxly extend and hit the ball as much as you can by using the shoulder.

Don't worry about strenght it will come with time.

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