Monday 25 March 2013

How to make a Drive Video Tutorial

The drive


The drive is the shot that stays in the side of the court where it has been made and it is best executed when it is the closest to the side wall and bounces near the backwall.

Best practice

The best drive, after hitting the front wall, bounces on the floor in the 3/4 of the back of the court in a way that makes it bounces near the backwall which makes the shot hard to retrieve.

The purpose of the drive is not necessarily to score points, it has the objective of forcing your opponent away from the T giving you the chance to dominate the rally.

The player on the T that most probably is defining the rythm of the rally.

So in order to obtain and keep control of the T you can use the drive.

Your body positioning and the shots you make

The way you make your swing defines the way you make every shot.

The position of your body determines where you will direct your shot.

To make a drive simply turn your body so that your belly is directly watching the side wall.

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