Tuesday 12 February 2013

Squash Tips #3 The swing + Video

How to make and train a perfect swing in squash

So the key concepts when learning the swing in squash are:

  1. The simpler the better
  2. The impact point is always in the same place

The simpler the better

The easiest way to make the swing is also the best one.
The point is to have the least resistance so that you can have the maximum result with the least effort.

To do so use the shoulder to generate power, that's because it is the bigger muscle you use and the distancefrom the racket gives you more leverage which generates more momentum.
That's also why you shoul always make the shot with the arm as extended as possible. (for now focus on using the shoulder)

So, use the shoulder to make the swing.

Another key concept that is intertwined with opening consist of the usage of the wrist.
Simply don't use it.
The wrist is used a lot by professionals, but thats because they master all the required skills.

When starting out instead you must prepare the wrist when you are preparing the shot (opening) and then leave it like that and don't move it.

The forearm must be relaxedly exetend, don't rely on it to generate power, simply leave it extended.

The impact point of the swing is always in the same place

This is very important because it means the following:
  1. Your body position determines where the shot will go
  2. You must move in a certain way to make a good shot
  3. You can learn the "proper" way of making the swing and then change it to trick your opponent

The Forehand Swing

In squash the swing must be prepared before you do it, this means bringing the racket up.
When the racket is up, your arm pit will be opened.
To make the swing simply close the armpit, extend your arm and hit the ball as far from you as you can.

The best swing is the simplest.

The Backhand Swing

The backhand swing is a little more complex.
That's because you have to hit the ball a bit on your side, not in front of you.
To open the swing simply close forearm and armpit, it's like you're hugging yourself.

To make the backhand swing simply open the forearm and then open the armpit.

If're starting to play squash now, simply use the shoulder to make the shot and leave the arm extended.
I suggest you to watch the video to understand.

The exercise to work on the swing

Simply stay in front of the wall and make the ball bounce by making the shot.
Use your elbow to generate power.
This simple exercise will profitably teach you how to play untill you reach the back wall, which will be the topic of our next week's video.

Train Hard!

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