Thursday 7 February 2013

Squash Tips #2 Opening + Video

Opening the shot

Open means being ready to make the shot.
To open mean that you are ready to hit the ball.

It is such a common mistake not to prepare the shot before moving toward the ball.

Why opening?

Squash is a fast game, so fast that preparation is more important than execution, that's because if you prepare your shot in time, you cannot fail.
Hence opening is the basic foundation upon building the skillset of the squash champion.

The most common mistake: putting the racket up and not opening

There is a difference between opening and putting your racket up, it is not aesthetic but practical.

If you put your racket up and when you go for the ball take the racket down and then make the swing you are wasting your energy and getting less by investing more.

To learn how to open you need to use your proprioceptory skills to understand when the movement is correct and when it is not.

How to open

To open simply place your racket at the impact point, it is the point in which you hit the ball.
Then turn your wrist in a ways that makes your plate turned up (so that your ball have depth) and then leave your wrist like that. Stop moving it.

Then open your arm-pit for the forehand or close it for the backhand, the backhand also requires you to turn your forearm near you. If you find it helpful just leave the racket on your shoulder.

From this point you're ready to hit the ball.

How to make opening a habit

To make opening a habit you need to consciously focus on this skill.
The easiest exercise consists of staying in the T and before making a side step (mimicking that you want to make a drive) raise your racket in a way that let's you open.

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